Hydraulic automatic aluminum die-casting concealed door closer

Model No.: LMDC-012,011,3S-013 Material: Aluminum Alloy Type: 90 degree positioning with stop function and 180 degree no positioning Installation Type: Doorframe Function: Buffered, 2 speed and 3 speed close the door Standard: European Standard Remote Control: Without Remote Control Door Width: 1000mm Color: Silver, Silver Product Name: Hydraulic Automatic concealed Door Closer Shape: Round Or Hydraulic Max Door Weight: 30-60kg; Maximum Door Width: 500-2000mm Door Closer Weight: 2kg; Finish: Powder Coating Application: Office Door, Fire Door And Others Packing: 1 Pc/small Box, 10 Pcs/cart Productivity: 20000 pcs/month Brand: LEMA Transportation: Ocean Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Supply Ability: 5000 Certificate: CCC, ISO

Product Description

Aluminum die casting hydraulic automatic door closer

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Operation principle for hydraulic automatic door closer: Automatic door closing device, the working principle is when the door is opened, door body femoral artery connecting rod to act and make gear rolling drive rack piston move to the right. Spring was tightening on the right plunger in the process of hydraulic oil in the compression cavity of right. A one-way valve ball valve on the left side of the plunger is opened under the action of the oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil in the right cavity flows into the left cavity through a one-way valve. When after the completion of the opening process, because the spring in the open process by the austerity, the elastic potential energy of the savings were released, will push the piston to the left femoral artery and gear and door closers connecting rod rolling, to keep the door closed. In the spring to release process, because the door is the left chamber of the hydraulic oil by the compressed, the check valve is closed, hydraulic oil only through the gap between the shell and the plunger outflow, and through the hole in the plunger and two with save the spool flow back into the right chamber. Closed door varieties can be divided into: exterior and embedded in the top of the door closed, embedded door closed device, the bottom of the door behind closed doors (spring), vertical closed (built in vertical door closers) and other types of door closers.     Detail pictures for automatic door closer: Door closer accessories:    
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