die casting aluminum lawn mower part

Successfully attained IS9001 Certification of  Aluminum Die Casting, Facing fierce global market competition, we have launched the brand building strategy and updated the spirit of "human-oriented and faithful service", with an aim to gain global recognition and sustainable development. The aluminum die casting production flow chart Commonly used materials of aluminum die casting: ADC12, ZL101, ZL102,A380, AlSi9Cu3, AlSi12(Fe); The precision of the aluminum die casting: ±0.1mm; Smoothness of surface of rough part: Ra1.6~Ra3.2; Shrinkage rate of aluminum die casting products: 0.5%; Material wastage rate: 5%; General aluminum die casting machining allowance: 0.5mm~0.7mm; Surface preparation methods: Sand blasted, Shot blasting, Powder coating, Painting, Plating, Electrophoresis, Polishing The specific pressure parameters of aluminum die casting part
Material Thickness of die casting parts≤3mm Thickness of die casting parts>3mm
Simple structure Complex structure Simple structure Complex structure
Aluminum alloy 25-35Mpa 35-45Mpa 45-60Mpa 60-70Mpa
Injection speed of die cast process
Pouring liquid metal tie up chamber volume percent Injection speed(cm/s)
≤3030-60>60 30-4020-3010-20
  Holding pressure time
Material Thickness of die casting part<2.5mm Thickness of die-casting part>2.5~6mm
Aluminum alloy 1-2 3-8
  Our company's production equipment and management system Aluminum Die casting production equipment: L.K brand die casting machine From 160T, 200T, 280T, 400T, 630T, 800T and 1250T; CNC machining center: 15; CNC lathe machine: 12; Work days of one week: From Monday to Saturday; Shift work: 2 shift per day; Working hours: From AM 8:00 to PM 5:00; 2D and 3D drawing Software: AutoCAD, UG, Pro/E, SolidWorks 2019; QC control: New type NANO CMM, FPI M5000 desktop metal analyzer, Easson projector, Mechanical properties tester. My company’s strengths of aluminum die casting, CNC machining, and QA control.

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