6000T die casting mold

6000T vacuum die casting mold Basic introduction Die casting, die casting machine, die casting materials are three main factors for die casting production. The die casting technology is the synthetically use of these three elements organically, make can steadily and rhythmically to efficiently produce appearance and inner quality, size meet the requirements of the drawings and high quality casting process. Die casting alloy is mainly used by non-ferrous alloy, as for the black metal (steel, iron, etc.) due to problems such as mould material, use fewer. And aluminum alloy is used more widely in the non-ferrous alloy, then the zinc alloy. The domestic current situation of the die-casting mould Die casting mould industry has developed rapidly in our country, the total output growth significantly, domestic die casting mold production after the United States, has become the second in the world, become the veritable die-casting superpower. It can have such achievement because of our country with unique broad market advantages and relatively cheap labor force. Depend on very obvious price in the international trade market, we produced the die casting mould which occupies a bigger superiority, according to the situation, in the future Chinese die casting industry development prospects are very broad. The designing of die cast mould 1. According to the materials, shape and precision product, analyze technology, decide of the process. 2. Confirm the location of product in the mold cavity. Analyze parting surface, overflow system and the gating system. 3. Design the various activities of the core are assembled and fixed method. 4. Design the core-pulling distance and force. 5. Design the ejection device. 6. Confirm the die casting machine, design the mould base and the cooling system. 7. Checking the mould size and die casting machine, drawing the process flowchart and component of die casting mold. 8. Design is complete. Aluminum injection mold material and materials and its properties Material of aluminum die casting mould: H13, ASSAB DIEVAR, SKD6; Mould base: #45 steel, standard mould base(LKM); Hardness after treatment: RHC 48~52; Standard Configuration: Cooling system; Tolerance: 0.1mm; Machining equipment: CNC gantry milling machine, middle-speed WEDM machine, slow-feeding EDM, die spotting machine; Mould life: 50000 shots ~ 100000 shots; Lead time of die casting mould: 40 days-60 days. The Common mould material in die casting tooling The die casting mould equipment and QC control The Moldflow for each die casting mould

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